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Ruben Hussong – Design and More

Hi, I'm Ruben, a freelance graphic designer, web developper and student of computer science. I create books and brands, websites and software. As a designer I focus on sophisticated concepts rather than fancy visualizations. I know, these shifting vibrant colors contradict me here but as it is written online now, it has to be at least some sort of (long term) fact. I’m particularly interested in how to define the responsible use of technology measured by social aspects. Meaning: How do we as a society want to use technology to shape our future? How can I participate and my skills be of value? To keep my life in balance I grow plants and spend time in the nature outdoors and (nowerdays mainly) indoors. Furthermore I love the theatre, creating, acting and of course, watching. And I like people. So please send me a mail, if you want to become friends or business partners.